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Welcome to VitalAxis The VitalAxis Pathology Suite is a hosted application service, designed to support organizations receiving anatomic pathology laboratory specimens. The application is deployed on reliable 24 x 7 high-availability networks and can be accessed through a standard web browser, expediting the time it takes to integrate a laboratory to a matter of days and eliminating the need for on-site server support.

In addition to the VitalAxis AP-LIS System, Vital Labs, the program offers Vital Office which is a web-based ordering capability that can seamlessly integrate with a physician's Practice Management System (PMS) and/or the generation of a requisition out of a physician's Procedure Writing Software (PWS). Additional functionality of integrating final reports with a physician's Electronic Medical Records (EMR) closes the integration loop of our Vital Link product.

On-line tracking of specimens offers comfort and unsurpassed quality, as cases can be tracked through orders, accessioning, grossing, processing, and diagnosis.

The system has state-of-the-art report templates to improve pathologists efficiency in generating the highest quality reports, which are instantly available to their physicians through internet reporting and integration with a physician's EMR (electronic medical records). Read more

Benefits - Report Quality, Total Connectivity, Operational Efficiency, Ease of Use, Reduction of Cost, Regulatory Compliance.