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Open Positions

Program Management Analyst

Program Management Analyst, a position that requires an educational qualification of at least a bachelor’s degree with minimum 15 years of expertise on US Healthcare
The Program Management Analyst will be responsible for:

  • Work with the Program Director and other Senior Laboratory Leadership to implement and improve IT Service Management processes.
    • Provide smart business solutions and involve in key decisions on the transition of new customers seamlessly and work towards continuous process improvement of existing customers in the Healthcare setting.
  • Domain expertise in US Healthcare Laboratory Management and Revenue Cycle Management.  
    • Identify and implement the best-in-class Laboratory solution for efficient operations.
    • Provide topnotch recommendations on Medical Equipment and Tests for improving the Patient Care.
    • Understand the technical on data exchange between medical software solutions, equipment, and vendor coordination’s.
    • Knowledge on Specimen Management and Tracking expertise to adhere to regulation and compliances requirements with knowledge on industry standard specimen labelling solutions.
    • Ability to provide insight on periodic basic to expand the horizon of lab operations and process improvements.
    • Use tools and techniques for effective Client Management and Communication.
    • Participates in technical assessments and business process workflow review and documentation.
    • Participate and maintain continuous improvement plans as outlined above. Since this is a healthcare setting, the domain knowledge of the individual and the technical expertise tied together is very important in the success of the program.
  • Provide overall expertise and establish a culture of continuous process improvement, process quality metrics and reporting.
    • Use metrics to gather requirements and process execution
    • Identify bottlenecks and provide solutions to clear those bottlenecks
    • Use tools and technologies and cordial client relationship to maintain a continuous dialogue and inputs which plugs into the tools used to identify problems and suggest solutions
    • Design and Execute Solutions around the problem statement
    • Align all the stakeholders to the proposed solution
    • Deliver the proposed solution with minimal or no impact to the current process.
    • Utilize effective use of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and Best Practices which could then be plugged in to the Plans.
    • Use Software Methodology to continuously improve every new assignment/milestone
    • Responsible in fixing issues and providing solution to problems to technical problems
    • Ensure to fit the solution to the right business need and present it for feasibility analysis and present the outcome to the stakeholder
  • Review the business and system software and system integration requirements to ensure the requirements meet the program needs.
    • Leverage tools and technologies needed to monitor health and to ensure all business and system peripherals and components are integrated and interfaced well in the HealthCare Setting
    • Provide solutions to translate legacy interfaces into state-of-the art tools and technologies keeping the core values intact.
  • Enhance service levels and achieve and raise performance targets.
    • Ensure each measurable unit to be re-evaluated and is ensured the set SLA is met
    • Enhance SLAs based off Business Intelligence and stay ahead of competition by using different tools
  • Maintains issue list, proactively escalating issues to project and departmental leadership to mitigate risk.
    • Effectively maintains the Project Milestones and Issues around the Milestone
    • Identifies and Mitigates Risks by using department prescribed best practices and SOPs
  • Directs and coordinates activities of project personnel to ensure programs progress on schedule and within prescribed budget.
    • Coordination with the Stakeholders and other leadership personnel to
      • Aligning Resources around the budget
      • Providing Updates during the project around the budget
      • Provide a Summary post project handoff
  • Ensure adherence to quality standards and review all project deliverables with required performance measures.
    • Effectively manage and maintain deliverables across internal and external business units (Labs, Hospitals, Physician Practices etc.)
    • Use boundaries defined for deliverables
    • User/Facilitate Robust Quality
    • Use tools and technologies to input operational data
    • Identify measures based off business unit (Labs vs. Hospital vs. Physician Practices etc.)
    • Combine the measures to Data collection to transform into Information
    • Use visual and informative tools to identify performance and gaps/improvement areas, if any
  • Facilitate regular status meetings with project personnel.
    • Maintain a Project Management tool with effective milestones
    • Communicate with all the stakeholders of the milestones and progress
    • Meet with the stakeholders on significant activities around the milestones and update on progress
  • Identify resource shortfalls and make corrective recommendations.
    • Use Project Management tools to identify Deliverables
    • Keep the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) handy for each deliverable
    • Allocate appropriate resources around the deliverables and KPIs
    • Forecast Resource usage to minimize resource shortfall
    • If resource shortfall occurs, identify a corrective action by identifying gaps and use the corrective action in the best practices handbook for future references
  • Oversee programs to ensure that services support the programmatic and administrative operations.
    • Supervise all healthcare setting programs to ensure that they are handled by experts in the domain and one who have ample experience in handling healthcare services.
    • Oversee access to and usage of effective quality monitors
    • Responsible for effective communication channels within the Organizations and with the Stakeholders
    • Identify and mitigate risks
    • Keep all the Stakeholders up to date with key milestones and deliverables
  • Provide expertise and experience to support improvement of IT operational processes, program management processes, and supporting tools.
    • End to End IT Operations Management
    • Use tools and technologies for effective Project Management and Communication to the stakeholders
    • Keep everyone up to date on the Progress of the Program and identifying and mitigating risks in the Healthcare setting of customers without affecting patient care.
  • Tools and Techniques
    • Good analytical skills to manage ROI on resources and technology.
    • Program Management: Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft, Program Management Software’s viz., Microsoft Projects, JIRA, etc., Ticketing Solutions
    • Analytics: Microsoft Excel Advanced, and Basic knowledge on Decision Support System, , Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
    • Technologies: MS SQL Basics, Microsoft Azure Platforms





1.     One H-1B nonimmigrant worker is being sought by VitalAxis Inc. through the filing of labor condition application with the Employment and Training Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor.

2.     This worker is being sought as a Program Management Analyst.

3.     A wage of $101,000 per year is being offered.

4.     The intended period of employment will be from October 1, 2024, to September 30, 2027.

5.     Employment will occur at 1433 Hooper Ave, Ste 320, Toms River, NJ 08753.

6.     The labor condition application is available for public inspection at 3811 Terrawood Court, Rockville, MD 20853.


Complaints alleging misrepresentation of material facts in the labor condition application and/or failure to comply with the terms of the labor condition application may be filed with any office of the Wage and Hour Division of the United States Department of Labor.

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