Laboratory Solutions

Laboratories use our premium cloud software for unified workflow management across the network of ordering physicians, couriers, locations, pathologists, send-out and referral organizations

Unleash New Markets, Models and Capabilities

Leverage investments into existing laboratory solutions to adapt to the changing industry needs and opportunities. Additionally, mix & match our portfolio of solutions to maximize the power of cloud based technologies & enabled services

Synoptic Reporting

Structured data entry of diagnosis

Customizable templates for diagnosis and notes

Rich, consistently formatted PDF reports

Ordering Platform

Ordering physicians and surgical centers can create electronic orders

Touch/tablet based visual ordering

Print jar and requisition labels

Barcoded Tracking

Print unique barcode labels for specimen, lab materials and packages at source

Track barcoded material movement between organizations and locations

Plan pickup and dropoff route based on package manifests across locations

Report Distribution

Distribute reports through fax, remote printers and shared folders

Centralize distribution on cloud infrastructure

Integrate with over 125+ physician solutions

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Lab Information Management System

Pathology laboratories streamline workflow between network of practices, physicians, surgical centers, send-in and send-out labs using a unified cloud based LIMS
  • Structured data for orders & diagnostic results
  • 2D barcode labeling for specimen and case materials
  • State-of-the-art synoptic reporting allows pathologists to create professional reports in minutes using diagnostic compendiums
  • Customization of test menus, facility specific rules, grossing & diagnosis templates, report designs, case specific data and interface needs
  • Support for TC/PC, Global, Professional and Consults workflows
  • Rich distribution of reports through fax, remote printing and shared folders
  • Interfacing with EMR/PMS for patient lookup, orders & results
  • Integration with common lab test instrumentation
  • Access control through application roles
  • Integration with electronic cancer registries
  • Detailed audit trails
  • Long term archive of cases

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